Nursing Home Staff Caught Laughing On Surveillance Video As WWII Veteran Dies

Recorded in 2014, the following hidden camera video shows the nursing home staff at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation laughing while 89-year-old World War II veteran James Dempsey dies right in front of them:

The video begins with the deposition of nursing supervisor Wanda Nuckles telling the family’s attorney, Mike Prieto, how she hurried to Dempsey’s room after a nurse alerted her that he had stopped breathing:

Prieto: “From the time you came in, you took over doing chest compressions…correct?” 
Nuckles : “Yes.”

Prieto: “Until the time paramedics arrive, you were giving CPR continuously?” 
Nuckles : “Yes.”

The video, however, paints a different picture. Not only did Dempsey call for help six times before going unconscious and gasping for air, but 911 wasn’t called until 6:25 a.m. – state records show the nursing home staff found him unresponsive at 5:28 a.m.

It took nearly an hour for staff to reach out for help.

As the video continues, you can hear Nuckles and other unnamed persons laughing as a few other nurses try to get his oxygen machine up and running again, prompting Prieto to ask:

Prieto: “Ma’am, was there something funny that was happening?”
Nuckles : “I can’t even remember all that as you can see.”

While the nursing home was made aware of the video in November 2015, state inspection reports show that the home did not fire the nurses until a whopping 10 months later – in total, about three years after the incident.

As of today, Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation has been cited at least two dozen times for “serious health and safety violations,” and the facility has been fined $813,113 since 2015…yet it still remains open despite only having a one-star rating from Medicare, aka the lowest score the agency can give.

A settlement has reportedly been reached between Dempsey’s family and the nursing home, but what do you think – should those nurses be headed to jail? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

[H/T 11Alive]