Man Paints Nude Portrait Of The Sexy Alien That Took His Virginity

Artist David Huggins is no stranger to the alien race. He’s been painting about his abduction experiences for years, but just recently he finally unveiled the alien that actually took his virginity. A creature that went by the name “Crescent”. And I have to say, for it being his first time, with an alien no less, I think he really lucked out.


That is one hot alien. In fact, it makes you wonder if he just used the image of a pornstar cupping her breasts for his portrait rather than this being at all a true story. Afterall, the alien’s facial skin tone doesn’t even match the body. Oh, and aliens are shaved? Too many questions!

But David isn’t the only man to have claimed a sexual encounter with a beautiful alien. Antonio Villas Boas claimed he was dragged into a UFO and forced to have intercourse with a beautiful alien woman. Afterward, she pointed to her stomach, to Antonio and then to the sky, as if to tell him she was going to have his baby somewhere in outerspace. Gotta wonder if she was as hot as “Crescent” here.

During his time in space, David claims he also met little hairy aliens, grey aliens and insectoid aliens. Unfortunately, they did not want to have sex with him.

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source: Metro