Holy Crap, It's National Nude Day! And It's As Awesome As You Hoped

What's better than Christmas? NATIONAL NUDE DAY! And we here at Break pride ourselves on celebrating the greatest day that was ever invented in the history of all things awesome.

Celebrated mainly by nudists, the origins of National Nude Day are believed to have began in New Zealand. Exactly when we aren't sure, but really, does anyone care? Even though the day's celebration isn't recognized as an actual holiday, the public won't let that stop them from celebrating.

Bless her heart!

If pictures aren't enough for you, here we have today's biggest NND celebration, with these people just-a-dancin' anyway in the buff on this very public street in Los Angeles. The best part is not knowing who is involved with the dance routine as random people start to strip down and join in. Enjoy!

Now that's a front row seat.

So how do you plan on celebrating National Nude Day? It's never too late to throw a party and invite us y'know!