Notorious NCAA: 5 College Athlete Mugshots

The problem with being the big man on campus is that, sometimes, the college sports star fame can go to a guy’s head. When NCAA athletes let their egos get the best of them, they can land themselves in jail. Take the following unfortunate mugs, for example.

As often happens in the wide world of sports, these fellas got themselves in a heap of trouble while they were supposed to be squeaky-clean role models in their college sports years. Some of them just partied a little too hard, others pulled some pretty serious stuff that’s guaranteed to sideline them for good.

1. Marshall Morgan

This University of Georgia kicker probably should have stuck to punting the ol’ pigskin on dry land, because his aquatic adventures haven’t turned out so hot. Morgan and a buddy of his got pulled over in their speedboat by an officer of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources on Lake Sinclair for some reckless behavior, revealing that Morgan was drunk at the helm.

Worse yet, he was towing his buddy on skis without an observer. Morgan here seems to be taking his arrest and suspension pretty well, but from the looks of things, he spent enough time in the drunk tank to desperately need a shave.

2. Grant Van Aman

What is it with kickers and drunk driving? When people ask University of Florida punter Grant Van Aman “why the long face?” — he can either say he inherited some horse-like features from his folks, or he can tell them about being arrested for driving his scooter under the influence.

Van Aman was only 19 years old when he was pulled over in Gainesville, so he’s facing an underage drinking charge to boot. He was more than a little tipsy, too. The police report depicts Van Aman as disoriented and nearly incoherent after he nearly swerved into a cop car and meandered into a nearby parking garage. It’s gonna be darn hard to play the tough guy after earning a reputation for getting wobbly on a vehicle that the average motorcycle eats for breakfast. 

3. Chris Hughes

Mississippi State linebacker Chris Hughes looks dazed and confused in this mugshot from his May 24, 2013 arrest, maybe because a deplorable act of domestic violence got him collared and dismissed from his team fast enough to make his head spin. Police in Port City picked Hughes up after he assaulted his girlfriend.

It wasn’t the first time Hughes was arrested for domestic violence, either. He served five days in jail back in 2011 for the offense, but the punishment won’t be so soft this time around. Hughes already stewed behind bars for a month when Mississippi State officials dropped him from the roster.

4. Antonio Morrison

This charming so-and-so got arrested on June 16, 2013 for mistakenly believing that being a linebacker for the University of Florida Gators entitled him to a discount at Kava, a nightclub in Gainesville. When he didn’t get a cheaper cover at the door, Morrison got angry and punched the bouncer.

The police report states that Morrison actually uttered the words, “Don’t you know who I am?” before sucker-punching the door man and fleeing the scene. Chances are he’d have had better luck with a charm offensive and a better shirt.

5. Seth Cunningham

University of Akron football player Seth Cunningham is red in the eyes because of his contact lenses, but he should be red in the face for thinking it was a good idea to rob a tobacco store at gunpoint in the small town of Brunswich, Ohio. Surveillance footage of the robbery suggests that Cunningham isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, either.

After threatening the clerk with a pistol and stealing a $500 hookah, Cunningham struggled for a while with the shop’s door, trying to exit through the entrance. One thing’s for certain: Seth Cunningham won’t be running defense for Akron anymore. He joins the ignominious ranks for college athletes with career-killing criminal records.

A lot of people make questionable decisions in their college years, but NCAA athletes run a lot higher risk from bad behavior. When they flaunt the law, college sports stars not only have to endure a mark on their permanent records and even some jail time, but also the loss of the game they love to play. Whether the mugshot belongs to a candidate for MVP or a bench-warmer trying to climb the ranks, it turns out a cheap snapshot at the county sheriff’s office makes a pretty terrible yearbook photo.