How Many Naked Norwegians Does It Take To Make Art?

Just one, but she’s got to get stuck in a tree.

This story seems shady from the word go in the sense that probably this was not an accident and probably it was the plan all along in order to make this “art” seem more authentic.  Art is in quotation marks there because we’re not talking about painting or even film here, it’s, well, it’s a naked lady in a tree.

Normally we’d have nothing against a tree full of nudity, that sounds just great, but this story has been tainted with stupid.  A Norwegian artist set up a camera and then tied herself up as she hung herself from a tree, kind of like a snared animal, just dangling there in the woods.  Apparently it was mean to showcase powerlessness?  Here’s the thing though, hanging and naked as she was, when the video stopped recording, as it was on a timer, she realized she couldn’t get herself down and spent hours calling for help.

Eventually a friend of the artist found and rescued her, but there are a few holes in this naked fiasco that demand filling.  To start with, what the hell was her original plan?  She didn’t bring a knife or rig the rope undo when she needed it done?  What part of this failed that she needed help?  Or did she just assume she’d Spiderman her ass back up the rope when the time came and then, in the moment, realize she didn’t have the abdominal strength to bend herself like that?

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And how is it that, of all the people in all of Norway, a random friend happened to be the one who found her in distress?  She was in the woods, that’s damn near miraculous.  Especially when you consider the woman lives and works in London, England.  She was from the small village nearby, but that seems like a stretch of incredulity.  Not impossible, but certainly suspect.

The video she made of her struggle has now been chosen to go on display at an exhibit that showcases recently graduated talent. It was one of 37 videos chosen from among thousands.  So it’s like somehow this amazing and totally unpredictable accident worked out in her favor, isn’t that a great coincidence?  Certainly makes the video seem more impactful than if it went ahead as she planned and just freed herself with no sense of being trapped or in danger at all.

Welp, all’s well that end’s well. 

And hey, if you want to see the video, you can go here and check it out.  We’d embed it but, you know, it’s a naked lady hanging from a tree.