North Korean College Students Must Get Kim Jung-un Haircut

A lot of people may have had a regrettable haircut during their college years. Now, however if you’re a guy who goes to college in North Korea (GO fighting HERMIT KINGDOM!) at least you will have a good excuse. As if living in the impoverished dictatorship wasn’t tough enough now all of the country’s male college students will be required to have a haircut just like supreme leader, Kim Jung-un.

That’s outrageous! There are colleges in North Korea?! More like Kim Jung- ooof! Now all North Korean College dudes are going to look like American middle school students from the 1990’s. They will feel our pain! Fess up; did you have one of these bowl cuts?

[[contentId: 2591768| alt: | style: height:252px; width:213px]] Thinks school is a labor camp. / Can’t wait for new Spin Doctors CD.

Radio Free Asia reports that the hair cut decree was made a couple weeks ago. However this isn’t the first time that the North Korean government has told its citizens what type of haircut they are allowed to have.  North Korean Supercuts is a little stricter than the place you get your head bowl buzzed down at the mall. In an effort to have everyone get a haircut “in accordance with the Socialist lifestyle” the government has imposed strict haircut guidelines. There are 18 styles of haircuts approved for women and10 haircuts approved for men (in addition to the Kim Jung-Un cut for male college students). Pick one out you like!

[[contentId: 2591769| alt: | style: height:494px; width:340px]] 100 percent of Nork Koreans love the haircut they got.

This is great if you’re lazy like me and can never decide what you want to eat and what type of hairdo you should have. (OK, I had a bowl cut in middle school! I went with the crowd!) Plus none of your classmates can make fun of you for having a bowl cut if they all have it too! See, here’s Tom Hanks with the Kim Jung-un cut! Everyone looks good in it!

[[contentId: 2591770| alt: | style: height:370px; width:315px]]

Dear Leader is pleased.

[[contentId: 2591771| alt: | style: height:254px; width:317px]]

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