North Korea Bans Sarcasm So People Don’t Praise Kim Jong-Un Ironically

Who says that the North Koreans don’t have a sense of humor? Kim Jong-Un. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un says they don’t have a sense of humor. That’s because the svelte, good looking and reasonable head of state just issued a proclamation to his people that is sure to be met with a smile. He has banned sarcasm. I didn’t see that coming.

In North Korea they have their own version of “Thanks Obama!” A citizen will proclaim “This is all America’s fault” whenever something bad happens. Chip your tooth on your delicious empty soup bowl? Thanks America!

However if the person who said it is being ironic, then the intended target is not the good old USA, but rather the North Korean leadership who constantly blame America for all of their problems. The obvious, smart solution to fix these issues in the “Hermit Kingdom” is to ban sarcasm in everyday conversations.  With North Koreas high level of 1950’s state of the art technology that will be sure to be easy.

The sarcasm cleanup has come at a time when grateful citizens are experimenting with humor as a form or protest. Apparently Kim Jong-Un is not a big fan of political cartoons as after graffiti mocking government polity was painted on a building in the downtown area of the capital of Pyongyang  this year the fun free speech enhancement techniques began.

The thing that is super great about all of this is that North Korea recently announced that they have created nuclear armed backpacks. So I guess that means they were NOT being sarcastic about having them. I was looking forward to the end times anyway!

Leaders in the government are currently having a big pizza party in an effort to zone in on the fun new direction they want to take North Korean humor and sarcasm. If we could all just live in North Korea and experience what it is like to be told what to think, things would be easier. #Jealous!

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