Genius Proves You Can Drink Beer And Eat Junkfood During A 50 Mile Marathon

And he did it while wearing a pair of cutoff jeans. Like a boss.

“I’m making an instructional video about how not to run an ultra-marathon,” the runner said.

jesse weber runs an ultra marathon and records it


Jesse Weber didn’t just do the Beer Mile.

the beer mile world record GIF


And he didn’t just run a marathon. He combined the two by adding some serious junk food and tacked on almost a whole other marathon.

The dude must be a killer distance runner, right?

wil ferrell and jason sudekis GIF running on SNL


Hell, no. Weber has never ran a marathon and just decided to do this crazy stunt for the fun of it. And it happened to be through a canyon and over rough terrain, too!

The route was through Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend along the Colorado River in Arizona. And some of the spots are like straight out of 127 Hours, which actually happened not too far away.

James Franco GIF from 127 hours


But he wasn’t alone like James Franco (or whatever the real dude’s name is). He did the ultra-marathon with 300 other runners, only Weber filmed his feat and talked the entire way…like the whole 50 miles.

Of course, he wasn’t wearing like a beer hat or anything unprofessional.

a funny beer hat


He mostly did the beer, hot dogs and junk food during the break points. But during the run he took down Oreos, cheesecake, a grilled cheese sandwich and, after the 40 mile mark, a pickle fried ham quesadilla.

jesse weber drinks beer during his ultra marathon


One would think that a combination of any of this would destroy the mind, body and spirit, or life of most men. And especially of a guy that couldn’t even touch his toes at the beginning of the race.

But right before the end of the epic marathon, while eating his quesadilla, Weber said: “I regret nothing.”

funny I regret nothing GIF


That almost inspires me to go run while drinking a six pack and eating my normal intake of garbage this weekend. I said almost. I’m not stupid. Fuller House starts this weekend so I got some couch-sitting to do.

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Source: Metro