Neighbor’s Passive Aggressive Noise Complaint Leads To This Hilarious Response

We’ve all been there. You just need to get some sleep, you have a busy day ahead of you but you have neighbors that are just way too damn noisy. One night, okay. Two nights, annoying but will give them the benefit of the doubt. After you’ve finally given them two strikes, the third comes around and it’s time to do say something. You’re groggy and pissed off so you think a sassy note left on their door will do just fine. But in this day and age, you know a pissed off note is going RIGHT onto social media for all to enjoy.

And that’s exactly what happened. Hey, it was either a note or a punch to the throat.

The angry neighbor ends their note with “P.S. If you’re selling tickets to the 2 a.m. basketball games let us know.”

For being really annoyed, this person has solid penmanship! It obviously must be a female neighbor. Not to judge a book by it’s cover, but, c’mon. Look at that handwriting. Not to mention the smiley face at the end.

Here’s the thing though; if you have night after night noisy neighbors and you write a note like this, you really think they’re just going to take your direction. Haha, I don’t think so.

So after the woman woke up, she received a note from the neighbors. No, it wasn’t an apology. It was actually a gift. A gift to the 2 a.m. basketball games.

A hilarious asshole move for sure, but brilliantly enough, the neighbors had basketball tickets mocked up and delivered to their neighbors door. The tickets even say they’re for the “couch seats” with a game between the “2nd Floor Bitches vs. 3rd Floor Lead Foot Assholes.” You have to applaud these noisy bastards for this one.

You can also obviously tell the difference between male and female handwriting with their reply note. That is if the “bitches” title didn’t solidify it already.

Well done, guys. Well done.


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