RANKED: The 10 Greatest ‘No Rules’ Folders From The 90’s

There’s a lot of things we’ve been celebrating recently that were born in the 90’s. It’s usually TV shows, movie anniversaries or fashion, but how about the school folders that we all had (and collected) during what was at times the worst part of growing up in the 90’s. This week, our free movies on Break page offers a slew of awesome movies from the 90’s and to ring in this new category, let’s rank the greatest No Fears folder designs top 10 style.


Nothing like a rabid horse to fight off while you play soccer. Awesome.


Who let that son of a bitch onto the field! At least get him a jersey.


This is one of the few No Rules covers that chose not to ruin the sports equipment.


This one is great because it implies that someone actually (probably) got hurt. Nice.


Rollerblades were good for two things: Twisting your ankle and outrunning massive crocodile city takeovers.



That iguana must be massive or that volleyball is miniature. And second, no one is concerned.


It’s one thing to ruin sports equipment or chase kids, but ruining a baseball game in progress? Classic.


This was one of the more iconic No Rules folders, with a surfer using a shark’s fin to catch some waves. One of the only covers to feature a human getting the upper hand.


What’s cooler than being chased by a pterodactyl on a school folder? Depicting the moment before the prey is eaten on a school folder. Rad.


This No Rules folder ranks #1 because it didn’t feature a dog, horse, tiger or shark. It featured a damn alien tearing it’s way up a rocket ship to murder a teenager astronaut. You could say that alien had…no rules.

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