Dear Lazy Employees, Desks With Beds Are A Reality Now

Remember when your grandpa would always share stories about the old days when he would take naps under his desk at work? “We used to nap under our desks only the floors were concrete and covered in spiders”, he’d say. Maybe not, but regardless, there’s an actual desk now that has a built in bed for those long post-pasta lunch hours when you’d love nothing more than to get some Z’s. So long carpet, we’re moving on up!

Everyone has considered the most perfect place to take a nap at their workplace (handicap bathroom stall anyone?) but NL Studio has given you a shortcut to the perfect nap situation. Their desk is made of metal, wood and white leather (in case you’re Billy Dee Williams) with a side wall that slides out to give you that extra head room. No one likes having their feet hang off the end of a desk while they’re sleeping.

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However, the thickness of the nap desk mattress is less than comfy looking. May as well give her Welcome mat.

The creators also wanted to make it clear that the desk isn’t just for nap taking, it’s mainly for people who are workaholics, still clocked in during the wee hours of the night to make those late deadlines. But let’s face it, a nap desk is probably best suited for the laziest of employees and we can’t thank them enough. It’s just a shame there’s no shelf to put your coffee, alarm clock and People magazine on.

However if you’re curious how much the nap desk would cost, NL’s website is one of the less than easier sites to navigate for information regarding their products so I wish you luck on answering that question for yourself. As for now, I’m going to pack an extra pillow and blanket into my work bag because, well, Mondays.