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In this new original web series “Just Face It,” follow Ty as he silences one irritation after another in pursuit of a smoother life. 

In this premiere episode, Ty reflects on the merits of bachelorhood when his girlfriend Mandy abruptly moves out. Can his best friend Nicky cheer him up or will a chance encounter with a beautiful co-worker help him move on?

In this episode, Ty discovers finding a new roommate isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In this episode, Ty gets ambushed by Ethan, the IT guy. Luckily, Ava shows up to the gym as a welcomed distraction.

In this episode, Ty discovers technology is no substitute for face to face interaction.

In this episode, Ty prepares for his date with Ava with a little help from Nick and Nivea Men.

In this episode, Ty gets passed on a promotion but gets even with Preston.


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