Introducing Nintendo Cartridge Flasks With Hilarious Booze-Fueled Label Parodies

What’s better than playing old school video games all night long in the comfort of your own Cheetos pile? Drinking. Let’s face it, nothing beats drinking the older we get. Most gamers who grew up loving Nintendo are now well into our thirties, holding down full time jobs, striving to pay that college debt so having a nice stiff drink in the evening is the perfect way to calm our nerves. Well a company has tapped into our deepest desires by combining your two loves of Nintendo and drinking by creating Nintendo cartridge flasks. YES. But they’re just not a celebration of video games you used to play in your youth with its inner contents sold separately. These are booze-fueled Nintendo game parodies with an alcoholic twist.

Presenting titles like Drunk Hunt and Bar-Hop Bros. (modestly priced at $20 each), we’re ready to hand over all of our money to the makers of this thing.

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If interested, you better hurry and order your favorite now or just check out the rest of the list. Bar-Hop Bros and Drunk Hunt are already Sold Out. Personally I’m looking at Castle-Vodka (even though I plan on filling it up with whiskey and happiness).

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source: Elite Daily