See Why This Young Danish Politican’s Dress Has Everyone Talking

The only Danish things I ever cared about was the dessert, but after finding out about Nikita Klæstrup, let’s make that two Danish things that are important. The 20-year-old young studying politician wore a revealing dress to the 110th Young Conservatives Banquet Dinner and the Danish press definitely took notice.

Looks more like something for the Annual Bunny Ranch BBQ Bruncheon.

Sorry friend on the right, we totally facebook cropped you. Now that she has your attention, the big question to come from this young lady’s dress was if it was appropriate to wear to the event or not. Klæstrup herself has since said “We cannot escape the fact that it sells. There is a natural focus on women’s appearance. That’s just how it is.” So not only is she a politican at a collegiate level, but apparently a sly one at that.

We’re not totally aware on what her stance is as far as politics in general, but we do know that she likes to pose in provocative clothing, if anything at all. Here are a few images from her instagram just to give you an idea of how this dress wasn’t just a fluke.

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I suppose in the end, she is 20-years-old afterall. What did we expect? Regardless, political branding expert Kresten Schultz-Jørgensen says that her new found fame regarding the black dress will hardly damage her political career. In the end, let’s just be thankful Hilary Clinton doesn’t dress like this.

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source: University Post