The “Dear Fat People” Comedian Just Lost A Film Role Because Of Her Video

Comedian Nicole Arbour is suddenly a famous name but not for the reasons she might have hoped for when she first posted her infamous “Dear Fat People” video. It’s more like making a name for yourself by punching babies. Sure you’re getting lots of press and attention but it’s not for the right reasons. Now, her video that has angered who knows how many people since she put it online has also cost her a job in a big movie.


Zap2it reports that Arbour was cast as a choreographer in an untitled dance movie but the director seems to have had a change of heart when he watched her “Dear Fat People” video in which she accuses overweight people of being lazy, smelly and useless. She’s basically like that episode of “Black Mirror” only not nearly as cruel.


The film’s director, Pat Mills, says Arbour told him that she posted funny videos on her YouTube channel. So he gave it a gander and when he saw the “Dear Fat People” video, his opinion of her changed instantly. She said that she was “fun and nice” in person but the video made her sound “unfunny and cruel.” Welcome to the Internet. Mills also noted that the movie he invited Arbour to work on is “a body-positive teen dance movie set in a retirement home.” Having Arbour on such a project seemed more than a little inappropriate given all the negative press she’s earned for herself so he fired her. “Bullies like Nicole Arbour are the reason I am making this movie,” Mills says. “I’m tired of body shaming. It’s everywhere.”

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Doing a fat shaming video when you’re working on a movie about body consciousness just makes Arbour look twice as dumb as she did when she first posted the “Dear Fat People” video and tried to hide behind the fact that it’s “comedy” or just trying to help people. Maybe someone needs to make a “Dear Dumb Blondes” video so she’ll get the hint.