Nicolas Cage To Return Dino Skull: A Cornucopia Of Cage Craziness

cage skull

Nicolas Cage made the news in December 2015, but not for a new role but for his involvement with an ancient skull. He’s giving back a 32 inch Tyrannosaurus bataar skull back to the government of Mongolia.

This isn’t exactly charity on his part, as it was smuggled out of that country in 2006, with Cage buying it at auction for $276,000.


Supposedly he was in a bidding war with Leonard DiCaprio to buy it, which begs the question as to why Hollywood actors want to buy big skulls. (We’re guessing it’s because big dinos with big skulls had big egos that made the actors seem modest in comparison, but we digress.)


This odd story is seemingly par for the course for Cage, who is a magnet for weird stories. For example, he once sued actress Kathleen Turner for claiming that he had stolen her dog.



Some of us (and we’re pleading the fifth) may have dabbled in substances at various points in our lives, but who but Cage took mushrooms with his cat? We’re guessing very few have. Here he recounts the trippy story to David Letterman.



He plans to be buried in a nine foot pyramid in a New Orleans cemetery. We can only assume that means after he has died, but with Cage, you never quite know.


He once owned a pet octopus, saying he wanted it to “help him with his acting.” Perhaps he’s getting method for a new version of “Octopussy”?


The best Cage tidbit of all – and really, we are playing neutral on all of this other than to say that if this is true, everything else makes total sense – is the theory that says he is a vampire.


This springs from the ebay listing below, which claimed it was an original photo from 1870. It sure does look like him.


Then again, so does this, and we are pretty sure Andy Samberg isn’t a vampire.

So, while you’re waiting for your head to stop spinning after so much Cage cacophony, allow yourself to luxuriate in the splendor that would have been Nicolas Cage as Superman.

Hey, if we were Mongolia, we’d let him keep the skull. If anyone could bring it back to life, it would be him.







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