Nicola Peltz: MIchael Bay’s Newest Muse

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Millions of people watched Transformers Age of Extinction and wondered “where can I see Nicola Peltz nude?” Well my friends you all ahve come to the right place!



Nicola’s acting career started with a role in the 2006 Christmas movie, Deck the Halls starring Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick. For her role as Katara in M. Night Shyamalan’s box office bomb, The Last Airbender (2010), Nicola had the distinction of receiving a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for Worse Supporting Actress. She got the same nomination in 2015 for playing

 Tessa Yeager, in the fourth installment of the Transformer franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) in which she co-starred with Mark Wahlberg. Nicola’s biggest role to date has been as high school kid, Bradley Martin in the A&E drama thriller, Bates Motel which is based on the characters from the Alfred Hitchcock classic movie, Psycho.

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Since Nicola’s acting career is basically in its infancy, you will not see her naked in any TV or film roles especially since she still plays high school student roles. Although come to think about it, that never stopped actresses in horror movies who did nudity.  However, Nicola is very youthful looking and for her to do nudity in any role would be almost criminal.  Also, as an actress, if Nicola is going to do nudity, she will do so purely for art sake, the way Jessica Chastain or Julianne Moore does nudity. Remember, she doesn’t need the money so why else would she take her clothes off? The extreme rich don’t need notoriety although you couldn’t tell from the Kim Kardashian and her clan’s behavior. The difference is Nicola was born into money and Kim Kardashian made her money from being notorious and nude.  If Nicola chooses to be nude for a project, chances are it’s because the role calls for it and not because her bank account needs it.

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Nicola hasn’t posed nude in a magazine either but the breakout star from did appear in a hot, ultra-glam pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar China in their July 2014 issue. She wore Versace and Fendi for the shoot and posed with cars in a gritty garage as an ode to her movie, Transformers. The film performed better at the Chinese box office than it did in the U.S., earning $134.5 million in five days while in the U.S., it only earned $121 million. This may because Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the film casted Chinese star, Li Bingbing in the movie and shot parts of the film in China and Hong Kong. For her part, Nicola had a great time doing the Harper’s Bazaar China shoot, posting on her Instagram: “Thank you soo much @harpersbazaarcn for including me in your July issue! Loved this amazing team! You all are so talented!”.

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During the big Fappening explosion in Fall 2014, Nicola was named along with five other female celebrities as being victims of The Fappening. After the initial release of female celebrity nude pictures which started with Jennifer Lawrence and included stars from the world of sports, acting and singing, Nicola’s pictures were release in late October. The group in which she was named included Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Tobie Percival, Breaking Bad actress, Krysten Ritter and singers Aubrey Cleland and Angie Miller. In some of the photos, it’s unclear if they really are these ladies and none of them released a statement regarding this matter.  See for yourself if Nicola’s supposed selfies are truly Nicola or if they are really that bad to warrant  ranking as being a part of the notorious Fappening controversy.

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