There Was A ‘Salute Your Shorts’ Reunion And Everyone (Kinda) Looks The Same

The early 90’s was a treasure trove of solid television for children, especially if you were cool enough to have Nickelodeon. You’ve got your Double Dare, Doug, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Pete & Pete and of course Salute Your Shorts. A live action comedy centered around a group of kids attending Camp Anawanna for the summer that urged if you to get the camp song right or you’d pay the price.

Well the Anawanna campers apparently got together this past weekend for the Everything Is Festival in Portland Oregon and everyone looked exactly the same, minus Bobby Budnick who apparently does more voice over work now and was not in attendance. Bummer. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to remember who was who if you watched the show growing up.

Series creator Steve Slavkin, who also played Dr. Kahn, appeared with Kirk Baily (Ug Lee), Megan Berwick (Z.Z. Ziff), Michael Bower (Donkeylips), Venus DeMilo (Telly), Trevor Eyster (Sponge), Lucas and Erik MacArthur (Michael).

During their portion of the festival, the audience was treated to stories regarding the making of the show as well as them singing the show’s theme song, which we all remember. Or at least I do.

The show only lasted two years, but it’s hard to not put this in the category of childhood flashbacks everytime you hear the theme song. But what really stood out for me above the rest was the creepy plumber named Zeke. What the hell was that guy all about?? I’m sure there’s an explanation I can’t remember because the last time I saw the show was when I was 11, but here’s a nice highlight reel that is nightmare-inducing, even for a kids show.

Apparently Zeke (who was played by the show’s camp counselor) was only used in one episode, with a backstory that he died in an explosion and only his plumber and upper lip was found, which made his appearance that of a ghost. Ah the good ole days, when you could put really random creepy stuff in a kids show.