Is Nick Cannon Racist For Creating This White Stereotype?

Ugh.  First of all, apologies for writing anything about Nick Cannon but this time around I thought you kids would enjoy tearing this one apart.

Apparently Mariah Carey’s husband is making an album titled “White People Party Music” which apparently comes out April 1st (I can already see where this is going). 

Safe to say, this is just one really dumb April Fool’s joke by a really uncreative prankster.  Regardless, a lot of people are finding the whole “white face” thing to be extremely racist and have no qualms about calling Mariah Carey’s husband out on it via his Twitter.  Speaking of, how or why he has over 4 million followers is mind-blowing.  Pretty sure Mike Judge predicted all of this. 

On top of what people are calling racist, it is interesting that Cannon’s character’s last name is SMALLNUT.  So white people have small testicles?  Is that the joke?  Whew, I’ve heard better one-liners on Dads. 

But none of that really bothers me. What DOES bother me is how terrible his white guy makeup is. 

Someone actually got paid, and probably well, to make Nick Cannon look like Nick Cannon.  I’ve seen better white guy makeup on Eddie Murphy in Coming To America and that was 15 years ago.

[[contentId: 2591366| | style: height:364px; width:501px]]

I’ve seen better white guy makeup on Dave Chappelle.

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I’ve even seen better white guy makeup on Martin Laurence.

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Come to think of it, the reason why this joke has had so much backlash is because, wait for it, it’s just not that funny.  What do Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle and Martin Laurence have in common that Nick Cannon seems to lack?  Actual comedic skills.

So do you think this joke is racist or just plain dumb?  Let’s just hope that covers any Nick Cannon news for the rest of 2014.