Is Nick Cannon Racist For Creating This White Stereotype?

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Mar. 25, 2014

Ugh.  First of all, apologies for writing anything about Nick Cannon but this time around I thought you kids would enjoy tearing this one apart.

Apparently Mariah Carey's husband is making an album titled "White People Party Music" which apparently comes out April 1st (I can already see where this is going). 

Safe to say, this is just one really dumb April Fool's joke by a really uncreative prankster.  Regardless, a lot of people are finding the whole "white face" thing to be extremely racist and have no qualms about calling Mariah Carey's husband out on it via his Twitter.  Speaking of, how or why he has over 4 million followers is mind-blowing.  Pretty sure Mike Judge predicted all of this. 

On top of what people are calling racist, it is interesting that Cannon's character's last name is SMALLNUT.  So white people have small testicles?  Is that the joke?  Whew, I've heard better one-liners on Dads. 

But none of that really bothers me. What DOES bother me is how terrible his white guy makeup is. 

Someone actually got paid, and probably well, to make Nick Cannon look like Nick Cannon.  I've seen better white guy makeup on Eddie Murphy in Coming To America and that was 15 years ago.

I've seen better white guy makeup on Dave Chappelle.

I've even seen better white guy makeup on Martin Laurence.

Come to think of it, the reason why this joke has had so much backlash is because, wait for it, it's just not that funny.  What do Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle and Martin Laurence have in common that Nick Cannon seems to lack?  Actual comedic skills.

So do you think this joke is racist or just plain dumb?  Let's just hope that covers any Nick Cannon news for the rest of 2014.



If you are actually funny, like Dave Chappell, I'm cool with it. 

Nick Cannon, not funny.


Black people can't be racist because they have ancestors that were slaves. Therefore it's acceptable. 

MeatRocket2112 User

Someone needs to beat this boy and his fat wife.  He is a racist.  Friggin coulors.

jaivin User

HAHAhA hilarious!!! Awesome skits hjahahahahahha

Jslat0000 User

He is absolutely racist. If the tables were turned and a white guy payed a black guy like he did it would not go over at all.


He could have went a completely different route, like calling himself Conner Goodcredit and talking about golf, tennis polo etc. but it wasn't meant to be funny it was meant to be racist and degrading

asshole1000 User

No, only white people can be racist.

gossdawg User

Like that one youtube video from the comedic/rap group says "Do it like nick cannons career, bring it up a little bit, then drop it allllllll the way down"

GHOST001 User

oh boo hoo, white people getting made fun of after centuries of colonizing the entire planet

bigpig User

He can only dream.

onbreak12 User

nick cannon i never heard of her

Jpspence User

Who the hell is Nick Cannon? 

Dante40 User

Wouldn't care if people didn't think black face is racist.  I think it's more racist not to be in black face if your dressing as a black person.  I typed your just to piss off grammar nazis.

bbiondo User

As the author stated, the backlash is because Nick Cannon is a joke. Dude is whiter that anyone I know. He doesnt have to put makeup on his face to prove that


Tired of black people making white people out to be un-cool, your aren't cool just because your black. This is racist as hell, nick is a loser with NO talent and he likes to have sex with animals

americanboyusa15 User

Would it be racist if I, as a white guy dressed up as a black stereotype.

Slyder2k6 User

Its not stupid or prejudice or any of that. Its comedy! Get a sense of humor people. Why is everyone so politically correct. Everyone makes fun of everyone. If you dont like it dont watch it. Its like watching a TV show and then complaining about whats on it. Turn the damn channel. You hear black comedians all the time mimicking white people. And white comedians  talking about "bounifa halifa sharifa latifa jackson" And none of that sh*t matters. Because its a joke. If he was being malicious or intentionally hurtful then there would be something to get up in arms about. But the man is just being a comedian. Being white myself i say he could have put a little more time into the makeup But other than that i know several of my sons friends that act the same damn way. We need to stop worrying about such small sh*t in our country and start focusing on the stuff that is really ruining it.

DoucheVadar User

Just dumb.  Of course, no white comedian or tv presence could paint themselves black and not be called racist.  But again, this is just dumb.

cityzenx User

Will play his music on our local annual blackface party, so no problems.

GeniusCat160 User

This is great.  Now white people can make black people stereotype videos without involving themselves in an obligatory civil rights debate.  Thanks Nick!

MacyHarrison User

lamers, this might have been funny in the 80's but now it is all used up.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Of course it should be considered racist, what if say, Kid Rock would've painted his face black and sang rap? Thank this society for making every thing racist if a white dude makes a joke about any other race. Double standards

gonzagylot User

The real damage this causes is that it gives the white people who are one the fence about whether it's okay to indulge in their inner prejudice an excuse. 

The right-wing pundits will seize on this sort of thing, and the white people in power positions, that normally try not to be racist, may just happen to decide not to hire a black woman with an outlandish name that day. 

Black face is offensive because of it's historical context, it's portrayal of black people as near animals. White face isn't as offensive, it's just needlessly provocative and divisive. 

I will say though, as a white person, we aren't all like what Nick Cannon is saying, so I can see why some people would get pissed off. 

redrobinyum User

It's hard to be mad when you know you are on the winning team

Hoofster User

Stay classy, white black people

Indiglow User

I think the guy is an idiot.....BUT

He did another skit where he pretended to be a black slave playing a Banjo and Break didn't cover that. So, who's playing the whiny race card here?

VaderWas-My-Dad-207 User

@OCNEONJ  Agreed. I'd like to see what black people would think if Ryan Seacrest did a black face character named Jerome Biglips. Probably would go over so well.

VaderWas-My-Dad-207 User

@GHOST001  What does that say about all the civilizations that were conquered? To me it says that they were either too weak or too stupid to stop it. People want equality? This is where it starts then. It's not just white people that can't be racist, it's now a rule for everyone.

VaderWas-My-Dad-207 User

@americanboyusa15  I'd like to see what black people would think if Ryan Seacrest did a black face character named Jerome Biglips. Probably would go over so well.

VaderWas-My-Dad-207 User

@Slyder2k6  I'd like to see what black people would think if Ryan Seacrest did a black face character named Jerome Biglips. Probably would go over so well. Black people would drop their welfare checks in shock!!

KCjoker User

@gonzagylot only right wing pundits would be offended by what he did and stereotyped whites as?

treyert User

@Indiglow  Were you dipped in Fluorescent Dumb color as a child? Your glowing posts light the way of idiocy like an eternal fire in a cold and stormy night!

Todd-Spence moderator User

@Indiglow Oh I wrote I didn't care either way, just that it wasn't really that funny as far as funny goes.  Are you a Conner Smallnuts fan?

GHOST001 User

@VaderWas-My-Dad-207 @GHOST001  you made two points, none of which have any relation to each other. whether or not the conquered civilizations were resilient enough to prevent themselves from becoming slaves isn't an issue, it's just a testament to how evil western europeans (your ancestors i'm guessing) were.

there's a difference between punching up and punching down.  think about that for a second.

Loudaddy2002 User

@Dab-Naggit-872 @DoucheVadar 

Seriously?! That was the funniest character I think I've ever seen EVER! I've laughed so hard I thought I was going to die, I couldn't catch my breath LOLOL

reallytruth User

@Dab-Naggit-872 @DoucheVadar You don't think there was issues when that movie was released?  There was, just like when what's her idiot painted her face black after a character on "orange is the new black" for   Halloween. 

GoatHoles User

@Todd-Spence @Indiglow  Oh I wrote I didn't care either way, just that it wasn't really that funny as far as funny goes.  Are you a Conner Smallnuts fan?

Indiglow User

@Todd-Spence @Indiglow Pretty sure I started off saying I think he's an idiot....His stuff is neither funny nor racist. I think making articles asking if it's racist will only lead others to looking into as if it is racist. The other comments on here are proof of that. 

Todd-Spence moderator User

@Indiglow The question was already raised well before this article.