US Air Force Worker Says Lizard Men Abducted Her Nightly For Sex On The Moon

1980 was one helluva year for US Air Force Radar Tracking Officer Niara Terela. While taking an airplane with her colleagues to Tonopah Test Range, they allegedly witnessed a glowing white light outside of the plane’s windows. The pilots quickly landed the plane but that wasn’t the end of Terela’s UFO experience. She claims that over the course of several months, she was taken to outer space 8 to 10 times but the worst part however is it wasn’t a matter of tests the “reptilian beings” were interested in conducting. They literally put Terela to work, having her operate some electronic machinery to excavate the darkest parts of the moon.

Is it weird that I’d rather be tested on, than to be given manual labor?

Niara Terela happy to be back on earth with her necklaces.

Unfortunately when you’re abducted that many times, the reptilian creatures clearly like you for more than your friendly company. Terela explained that she was used for sex pretty much every night she was on the moon during her stay, passed between the reptilians. She also says grey aliens were there helping conduct the work the reptilians were doing, as well as human “personnel” who were also forced to help the reptilians do their bidding on the moon.

After the abductions were over, Terela says she couldn’t remember a lot of what had happened including pieces from her normal work with the US Air Force, which led her to think she had her memory wiped. Terela sought out hypnosis to fill the holes in her memory, which had helped a great deal and caused her to discover the abuse she’d undergone.

Apparently a big piece of alien abduction conspiracies believe that the government is in on the abductions, almost helping “the greys” do the work, which is why most officials haven’t fully investigated these experiences by even their own employees. One thing we can all agree on is if reptilians are abducting us and putting us to work without pay, the least they could do is give us some booty as a trade.