NFL Fined Atlanta Falcons For Cranking In Fake Crowd Noises During Home Games

Cheating has become so widespread in professional sports that it’s practically part of the game. Lance Armstrong built an entire career on a giant lie. The New England Patriots have almost become a “synonym” for “cheaters.” There’s even cheating scandals in virtual sports like “FIFA 15,” which is like using a comic book to plagiarize your Harvard entrance essay. The latest cheating scandal involves the Atlanta Falcons and their stadium’s sound system. 

Fans started to notice when the “crowd noise” was just a recording of someone breathing heavy on a microphone.

Officials caught the team using fake crowd noises to pump up the intensity of the Georgia Dome during home games and make it harder for visiting teams’ offenses to hear call signals. An investigation revealed that they’ve been using the tactic for at least the last two seasons. The NFL levied a $350,000 fine against the team and forced them to give up a draft pick for the 2016 draft. The team’s president, Rich McKay, will also lose his seat on the NFL competition committee for the next few months. 

Someone got some ‘splainin’ to do!

This may be a travesty against sportsmanship and the spirit of professional sports but you’ve got to admit that this is a step up from the usual cheating scandals. You know things are getting better when the scandals don’t involve hypodermic needles and banned substances for once. 

Source: WDSU