This Bar Offers Nice Cold Beer…With Stag Semen In It

If you thought people would be disgusted by the idea of drinking stag semen, well, you would be wrong. So wrong in fact, the good people of The Green Man Pub are such a fan, this bar has previously offered customers pure stag and horse semen injections that shoot directly into your mouth, minus the beer altogether! Of course the stag and horse aren’t there to make sure it’s fresh, but it’s grade A all the same.

Luckily you probably won’t just by chance stumble upon this bar to only then make a fast exit after smelling the stench of stag semen on everyone’s breath because Green Man Pub (thankfully) is located in Wellington, New Zealand. The weird concoction of ball juice and alcohol is to celebrate the upcoming craft beer festival Beervana. Frankly I would think some balloons and a nice banner would do just fine, but hey, I’m just weird like that I guess.

No joke, this girl is drinking stag semen beer. Need a mint?

The wonderful recipe was made by brewing company Choice Bros and they really stand behind their product stating that they first had reservations about putting stag semen in their beer, but in the end had nothing to worry about. Sure, there are some healthy advantages toward drinking semen, but I think we’ll just stick with a nice IPA for now/forever.