New Yorkers Are Losing Their Minds Over Kale Shortage During Blizzard

The east coast of America was bracing for the worst storm not only of this winter, but what some weather news outlets were saying could be one for the record books. Parts of Long Island are expected to get between 14 and 18 inches #thatswhatshesaid. New York City residents didn’t want to take any chances and much like the rest of the country when preparing for a storm took to their local stores to stock up on essential supplies to make it through. We saw New Yorkers documenting their run on stores through social media with the hashtag #Snowmageddon2015. Due to the storm they are in an absolute panic at the shortage of… kale.

What happened to milk, bread and condoms?

They are also hyperventilating over artisanal, gluten free organic products. When the world is filled with snow, the hipsters shall walk the earth?

Let’s hope everyone gets through the storm safe with all the food they need.. even if it’s kale!

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