New York Restaurant Offers All You Can Eat Testicles Special

If you think this plate of deep fried food looks delicious, you may want to inspect it a little closer.

Let’s set up a little scenario. Say that you’re hungry and I’m not talking about a spoiled valley girl proclaiming that they are “starving” like they are living in a war-torn nation where food is a major commodity as they walked into a Panera Bread located across the street from their house. I’m talking about actual starving. Someone tells you about a place that’s serving free food and it’s all your aching stomach can hold but here’s the catch: the only thing you can eat are animal testicles. Would you pull up a chair or just settle for something out of a dumpster?

Thanks to the New York restaurant Riley’s, that scenario could happen since they are serving all the testicles you can eat as part of its annual (I swear this is true and I wish I thought of the name first) “Testicle Festival.” Located in Syracuse, N.Y., Riley’s puts the fried reproductive organs on its menu every year in October and customers can eat as much as they want for nothing. That doesn’t mean you can’t leave the staff a tip and you should because they are literally juggling balls.

Reminds us of the scene from Funny Farm when Chevy Chase doesn’t realize his “lamb fries” are actually a plate full of testicles.

This offer sounds like it might be hard for customers to swallow, both literally and figuratively but restaurant manager Valerie Brefka said this year, they had to order 40 more pounds of buffalo, bull, boar, sheep and goat testicles just to keep up with the demand. They fry them like a chicken nugget or chicken strip but she also describes them as having a “softer consistency, maybe like a fried scallop” with a “meaty” taste that hinted under the fried breading. Hey, if it’s free and there’s enough ketchup in the restaurant, then just about anybody should be able to get enough down to get full for free.