New York Post’s Twitter Was Hacked Announcing That World War III Had Begun

If you hate using Twitter and various other forms of social media, maybe you should start because it was announced that World War III had begun last night. New York Post’s Twitter which is followed by almost 723,000 people started letting everyone know we were being attacked by missiles from China, only the twist is New York Post’s Twitter was hacked.

With each posted message, the tweet would quickly delete it after a few minutes of it going live. And then post another update on the sudden war between America and China.

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Of course most of us are aware of accounts getting hijacked in the wake of the Sony leaks, but what is Twitter doing to beef up their security? Apparently now there are two levels of identification, one involving a text being sent to the users phone in order to type in a code. However investigators are unaware if New York Post has been using this two-level process. Maybe they should start?

Hacked or not, I’m glad I follow social media because I personally would like to be the first to know if a missile is coming my way. So I’ll just chalk this up to being a decent test run. Thanks, hackers!

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source: Bloomberg