New Year’s Eve Live Possum Drop Canceled Due To PETA Protest

Brasstown, North Carolina has been barred from using a living opossum for its New Year’s Eve celebration as it has done for the past twenty years due to the protests from People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals. They wanted to drop a opossum, now it’s more like getting a opossum’s droppings.

I want to see the guy in the costume get in the cage; that’s my kind of New Year’s party.

So you are probably thinking; wow that’s horrible they drop a opossum off the top of a building and let it free fall until it hits the ground with a loud thud. Well not exactly.  They actually slowly lower the animal in a cage, much like they lower the Ball in New York City during the countdown of the last ten seconds of the year, but with less scratching and animal feces than in Times Square.

While the animal is released after the event, this isn’t good enough for PETA who say all the noise, crowd and lights could harm the opossum’s nerves and health. What, did they get the Woody Allen of opossums?

A judge ruled this month that Clay Logan, who has organized the Brasstown Possum Drop all these New Years can drop the opossum if he gets a permit from the state. If there is one way to kill a party it’s with a little bit of bureaucracy and Logan says there is no time for him to acquire a permit from the state before the big day, so he is going to have to go with Plan B; using a dead opossum. He is also considering road kill or possum stew. In other places such as Tallapoosa, Georgia they have done the New Year’s Eve Possum drop using a dead possum in a ball- which sounds like it could be a new sport.

Gonna make that possum drop it like it’s hot; drop it like it’s hot; well actually this one is cold.

Wait; how will they know that the opossum is dead? That’s like the number one thing opossums are known for; playing possum. All the good townsfolk had to do was get the opossum to play… itself when the pesky PETA people came by. “Ya’ll look; we’re using a dead one like ya wanted!”

Then, once the possum huggers move on to their kale and wheat grass eating New Year’s celebration of their own, just wake the little critter up and shove him in the box and drop him down the pole ten seconds before midnight like the Founding Fathers intended. This is America damn it!

Editor’s Note: Possums and opossums are actually different animals. Possums are in Australia and opossums are in the Western Hemisphere (‘Merica) but people refer to both as just “possums” because they want to annoy someone trying to write an article about a stupid POSSUM drop. Cool?

Source: US News 

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