New Surgery Could Give Men A Womb, Ability To Give Birth! Wait, What?

The miracle of growing life inside one’s body may no longer be relegated to just the females of our species.

Not a tumor.

A breakthrough surgery was announced this week by the Cleveland Clinic that they will be able to perform a uterus transplant for women in need of such a procedure. This has led to the suggestion that male uterus transplants could also be a thing.  The film Junior was way ahead of its time.

You are probably wondering, how the hell could this all work? Me too, and it is a bunch of science stuff that basically says with the right hormone injections and rewired blood vessels to support the womb it is achievable! Now when you think your buddy is getting a little beer belly, he might just be pregnant.

According to Yahoo Health the road to guys pooping out babies is this;

  1. Hormone therapy can shut off testosterone and introduce progesterone and estrogen needed to prepare the uterus for pregnancy.
  2. Even though males do not have uterine veins and arteries needed to nurture the womb, it’s possible to attach a branch of a large vessel, like the internal iliac, to the uterus. “It’s doable, it just hasn’t been done,” Chung says.
  3. Although it’s preferable for a vagina to support the uterus, it’s possible to attach a transplanted uterus to other ligaments in the pelvis.

I for one am looking forward to going to a male baby shower. It will be just like a bachelor party except the man of honor won’t be able to drink and will get a really awkward lap dance around his pregnant belly.

Now it would be weird if there was a person in there.

This is also good news for transgender women who in addition to being able to receive surgically reconstructed vaginas will now have the possibility of birthing children. The one problem many people will face with this surgery is the cost. Transplants of any kind are super expensive. For example a heart transplant can cost nearly one million dollars. So I say we start a Kickstarter campaign now and by the time they have the male pregnancy surgery ready to go we can totally prank a dude into getting preggers.

Break Question Of The Day: Should men be able to get pregnant?

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Source: Yahoo