Spoiler Alert: New Star Wars Isn’t Going To Be The Biggest Movie Of All Time


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has not only perked major life into millions of movie fans globally, it has already broken numerous box office records. As of this writing (shortly before Christmas 2015), it seems very likely that it will eclipse “Avatar” as the highest grossing movie of all time.

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You’re likely going to see or hear a story about how it is on its way to being the biggest movie of all time. We here at Break want you to know how to look at the numbers – plus, we’ve got a cool fact that could help you win a bet.


It’s pretty  likely none of your friends will realize that it isn’t even going to be close to being the biggest movie of all time.

The 19 records it has already broken as of 12/23/15 are:

Opening Weekend


Opening Weekend – Worldwide


Holiday Opening


December Opening


Rated PG-13 Opening


Top Opening Theater Average – Wide Release


Top Theater Average – Wide Release


Single Day


Opening Day


Friday Gross


Sunday Gross


Monday Gross


Non-Holiday Monday


3-Day Gross


4-Day Gross


Fastest to $100M

1 days

Fastest to $150M

2 days

Fastest to $200M

3 days

Fastest to $250M

4 days


So what is left for it to conquer? The seemingly two biggest of all: Domestic and Worldwide totals. “Avatar” holds them both, with $760,507,62 and $2,787,965,087 respectively.


This may all seem like Monopoly money, but let’s try to get some perspective on this, especially if you want to stump your friends as to “what was the biggest movie of all time?”


The savvy ones will likely say its “Avatar,” and they’ll also probably know that the new Star Wars is quickly creeping up on it with its Jedi-like precision.


However, the only way to compare grosses from different eras is to adjust for inflation. Obviously a new movie is making a lot more per ticket than an older one. So, adjusting for inflation, the record keeper is from 1939 and in modern dollars made over 1.7 billion domestically.


Gone with the Wind may have “only” earned $198,000,000 or so, but that’s when tickets were much less expensive.


Frankly my dear, we do give a damn.


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Source: Box Office Mojo