The Craziest Conspiracies Around The Newly Discovered 9th Planet

Those enamored of astronomy got a big jolt of news in their feeds this week, as scientists announced the discovery of a new planet, which at this point is being called “Planet Nine.” (Not to be confused with “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” the legendarily awful film from Ed Wood.)

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This news also came as a huge “told ya so” from the people who believed this planet has been known about for quite some times but was being covered up by the Government.


The most famous theory involves the mystery planet known as “Nibiru.” First mentioned by a Soviet psychic in the 1970’s, it was claimed that astronauts from Nibiru came to our earth 400,000 years ago and created humans.


A Wisconsin woman took it a step further in the 90’s, claiming that she was getting messages from the Zeta Reticuli star system. The mystery planet’s gravitational pull was destined to annihilate the earth.

Under such a scenario, it’s easy to see why the government would want to cover this fact up. Then again, like many people from Wisconsin, she may have eaten so much cheese that she couldn’t realize that she was a freaking looney toon and not an actual scientist.

In 2012, lots of people were convinced that the world would end as predicted in the Mayan calendar (personally, we prefer calendars with hot girls or at least cute animals). How would it end? Yep, Nibiru would crash into us even harder than Caitlyn Jenner hitting a car on the freeway, leaving total devastation in its wake.

A NASA scientist said at the time that “While this is a joke to some people and a mystery to others, there is a core of people who are truly concerned.” Look, we don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles, but being concerned and turning into Chicken Little are different things.

Even Star Trek got into the act, when in the 2013 film “Star Trek Into Darkness,” Captain Kirk ran through Nibiru’s forest.

Our favorite conspiracy theory about Nibiru is that it destroyed Mars because, well, why not. This video shows some dude’s dream about it (which last we checked, isn’t conclusive scientific proof), but the low tech drawings are what make it a dream come true for those in need of a big laugh before the world ends.