New Mexico High School Votes To Have Communism Themed Prom

Despite the lies, you all know that America’s schools only serve to indoctrinate young people into communism. Well now there is proof! Seniors at an Albuquerque, New Mexico high school have voted on the theme of this year’s prom and it’s raising a few eyebrows and ruffling a few Ushankas.

A Ushanka is a Russian hat; the more you know!

That’s because the comrades at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School went and voted online for their prom theme and decided on communism. This beat out “A Night in The Reef’ as the young, future workers wanted to have a gala in the gulag.

The event will be called “Prom-munism.” That’s ridiculous… voting online!; SEE! This is why the socialist commies want us to vote online!

The Communist Party: It looks fun until you have to all use the same red cup.

The Chairman of the school, Mao Ze- Sam Obenshain still hasn’t decided if he will allow the communism themed prom to move forward, however he contends that The People have spoken.  After all the students all really enjoy history class and get good Marx.  

Other dissidents in The People’s Republic of Cottonwood bravely spoke out against the communist prom theme with one student, Cole Page saying; “I honestly don’t think it’s that funny.”

Students aren’t even sure what this type of prom would look like. Would you be able to bring a date or would one be assigned to you? Would everyone have to share a ride in a single limo? Would everyone be forced to wear drab colors and wait in long bread lines just to get a glass of punch from the communal bowl?

Prom King and Queen

Some are saying that the seniors voted for the idea because they thought it would be a good laugh. Sort of like making the fat kid prom king or the bullied, vengeful telekinetic girl prom queen only to pour pigs blood on her head.

Looks “fun!”

Break Question of The Day: If you had to thank someone for this whole Communist Prom situation, who would you thank?

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Source: KRQE 13