Grand Theft Auto 5 Has A Hidden Chicken Mode

Rockstar’s “Grand Theft Auto” games basically let you do everything you wish you could do in every other video game and even some things that you didn’t know you wanted to do in a video game. For instance, the new “Grand Theft Auto V” re-release for the new generation of consoles comes with a secret “chicken” mode. 


The developers scattered 27 peyote plants throughout the map. If the player finds one and makes their character eat the peyote, they will pass out and transform into a chicken for a short amount of time. Once the peyote and the hallucination wears off, your character will wake up in the spot that they originally took the peyote and regular play resumes or whatever’s considered regular for a game that lets you deal drugs, run bank heists and cause more public destruction than Billy Joel driving on a public highway. 



It’s an insane easter egg (no pun intended) for an already insane video game but we were hoping you’d be able to do more than just act like a chicken. Maybe in the next patch upgrade, we’ll be able to do a drive by on a gaggle of turkeys or something.