New German Police Gear Is Right Out Of “Spaceballs”

German policeman that looks like dark helmet.

Image Source: Huffington Post

German police have released pictures of their new protective gear. And they are awesome.

  • How awesome are they, you ask?
  • At first glance, one might compare the gear to Darth Vader…
  • And many online sites have done just that.

Darth Vader is all his glory.

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  • However, upon closer inspection, the gear looks more like Dark Helmet from Mel Brooks’ 1987 film, Spaceballs.

Dark Helmet from Spaceballs sipping coffee GIF.

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  • The getups are pretty good, though. They are made of ceramic composite plates and are capped off with a titanium helmet.

New German police SWAT gear.

Image Source: Daily Mail

  • They are supposed to be able to save the wearer from an assault rifle attack.
  • Still, though, they look like Dark Helmet…

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  • Rick Moranis played the villain in the parody of Star Wars.
  • If you havent seen Spaceballs, the Force became the Schwartz. So you get the picture…

The Schwartz GIF from Spaceballs.

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  • And there have been lots of other jokes floating around the internet that goes beyond the Spaceballs references.
  • Here are a few:


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Ninja Turtle

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Mushroom guy wearing a German police helmet.

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Source: Huffington Post