The Best Of The Internet’s Response To The NFL’s “Soft Balls” Scandal

This week the sports world was rocked by scandal when it was revealed that 11 of 12 of the New England Patriots’ footballs for the AFC Championship Game had been deflated below the required pressure. The Internet had fun.

1. Some responses were tender.


2. Some were nostalgic.


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3. Some were downright romantic.


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4. Some people went after Tom Brady for being evasive…


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5. And Bill Belichick for being defiant.


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6. Some didn’t even require a joke. They just used Brady’s actual words.


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7. Some responses were dad jokes.


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8. Some brought back an embarrassing photo.


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9. Okay, a lot used that embarrassing photo.


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10. Some responses used classic memes.


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11. Some used Photoshop to make new points about honesty.


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12. But only one response asked the really tough question.


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