Ebola in Town: The Bloody New Dance Craze

As you’re probably aware, the biggest outbreak of the deadly ebola virus is currently underway in Africa.  And yes, they’re bringing some patients to the US.  If we were less responsible we’d be like CNN or FOX and try to use that to scare you because that’s how callous and ignorant 24 hour news networks do things – by scaring you with half assed stories that have been poorly researched.  You’re not going to get ebola in America.  You’d have a better chance of being hit by a meteor. But that doesn’t change the fact that ebola is still a scary as hell illness.

Adorably deadly!

The problem with ebola in Africa is, for one, their healthcare infrastructure is nowhere near as sophisticated as ours in North America and this is exacerbated by a widespread mistrust of healthcare professionals in the affected regions of Africa.  Think about it from their perspective – your brother gets sick, the doctors show up and take him to a hospital, a week later he and everyone in his ward are dead.  You’d probably be inclined to blame the doctors and the hospital.  So, in rural areas especially, people try to care for the sick on their own.  This is how the disease spreads and more and more people die.  Compound this with high illiteracy rates so educating people is an issue, along with a stigmatization about the disease that results in people shunning those who have survived and destroying facilities where the ill are being treated and you have a problem.

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In an effort to spread awareness of ebola, particularly how it’s spread, there’s a jazzy new tune for those who don’t understand that they should keep their hands off friends who are bleeding out of their eyes.  The song “Ebola in Town” warns about ways the virus can be transmitted, while offering up a fun dance beat for those who aren’t dying.  Fun Fact:  The line “no eating something” is apparently a coy reference to sex rather than actual food, isn’t that great?  Don’t have sex with an ebola patient.  You know, someone bleeding from their face and ass and whatnot. Resist that hypersexy urge. 

This video isn’t official obviously, but it does contain some terrifying imagery, so be prepared for that.