Historians Just Discovered Adolf Hitler Had Only One Testicle

There have been a lot of mean rumors floating through history about Adolf Hitler and no one’s really bothered to question them because, well, the bastard deserves MUCH worse. There are all sorts of weird conspiracies about the man like the “fact” that he invented the blow-up doll, had a debilitating drug addiction and only had one testicle. Well, it turns out that one of those is true.

Historians combing through medical records in Berlin, Germany came across notes from a doctor who examined the junk of history’s biggest douchebag that confirm the rumor that Hitler only had one testicle. He suffered from a condition called “right-side cryptorchidism” in which one testicle fails to descend into the scrotum. So technically, that means that Hitler’s balls never dropped. Gross.

The record came from a prison examination in 1923 when officials arrested Hitler and threw him in jail for his failed Munich Putsch, also known as his “beer hall putsch,” in which he attempted and failed to stage a coup. The records were lost for many years because owning Nazi propaganda or artifacts of any kind are illegal in Germany. They last surfaced in 2010 at an auction where they were seized by government officials before they could be sold to the public.

Plus, who would want to spend hard earned money to own such a thing and put it on display in their home? The only thing you could complement it with to fit the decor of your sick, twisted home would be X-rays of Saddam Hussein’s colon.