New App Breaks Up With Your Psycho Boyfriend Or Girlfriend For You

Are you trapped in one of those relationships that you know isn’t good for you? Do you not have the gumption to tell the other person how you’re feeling and that it’s over? Does it look like death might be the only way out? Before you strangle yourself with that iPhone or Android charging cord, plug it into your phone and check out a new app called Binder. 

Pick your reason!

Binder is basically the Bizarro World version of Tinder. Instead of finding you a mate, it helps you get rid of the one you already have by sending them a scathing message based on your preferred method of ripping their heart out of their chest and showing it to them right before they wither away and die. It starts by asking you your gender and the gender of the person you’ll be shaking off your back. Then it asks you for “your excuse” for wanting to get rid of them with such as choices as “It’s not me, it’s definitely you” and “It’s like I’m living in some sort of unwakeable [sic] nightmare.” So this is definitely not an app if you’re secretly hoping you’ll be able to get back together. It’s basically an emotional hit man. 

The app will then craft a text or email for you that is sure to never get you another phone call, email or text from them ever again. You can send it right from your phone. Frankly, it would be less mean to hire them a singing “break-up-a-gram” that tells them on their doorstep because at least the soothing music might give them a ray of hope. 

Source: HuffPo