Netflix Is Offering A Fake New Year’s Eve Countdown For Customers With Kids

New Year’s Eve is one of those tricky holidays if you’re a parent with small children. They want to stay up and celebrate the changing of the year just like everyone else but you just know you’ll never get what little sleep they allow you to have if you let them stay up a minute past their bedtime. Plus you just want to start drinking as early as possible. Thankfully, Netflix is here to help you lie to your children the way God intended every parent to do on New Year’s Eve.

Netflix announced that customers of their streaming service will be able to watch a special, three-minute long New Year’s Eve countdown clock that they can play any time of the night to trick their kids into believing they stayed up for New Year’s Eve. Netflix teamed up with the people who made the “Madagascar” movies to create “All Hail King Julien.” The video features the adorable lemur king counting down the New Year with his subjects in a bright, loud, flashy universe that’s sure to give anyone who watches it a low grade form of epilepsy.

It will be available starting Dec. 31st, which essentially means parents can play it whenever they want. “It’s 7PM, kids–TIME FOR THE COUNTDOWN!” This countdown also comes in handy for adult partygoers who need their drunker and dumber friends to leave a little early so they don’t have to deal with them.

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source: CNN