Nestle Will Sell Gold Covered Kit Kats In Japan

If you don’t like Kit Kat bars, then you must harbor a lot of hate. It’s tasty, it’s crunchy and it’s shareable. It’s friendship personified in diabetes inducing chocolate. And it just got a whole lot better because Nestle is making some that are a lot more valuable. 

The candy company announced that they will release a new flavor of Kit Kit called “Sublime Gold” that’s made out of real, 24-karat gold. The new bars will only be sold in Japan for $16 a pop near the end of December. So it’s perfect for the parent of a spoiled trust fund brat who needs to put something in their stocking that brings them closer to winning the title of “World’s Biggest Douchebag.” 

These 500 limited edition gold bars aren’t just for show or something to pawn to avoid having to sell plasma in order to pay the rent. They are also completely edible and safe to eat. If you’d rather have gold that doesn’t melt if you don’t eat it in time, Nestle will also raffle off one, solid gold Kit Kat bar. It’s perfect for the rich person who literally has anything or someone who’s tired of wasting money on dental insurance premiums and needs to accidentally find an excuse to use it. 

Source: UPI