Nerf Wants To Sell You This Fully Automatic Machine Gun That Fires At 68 MPH

The name is Nerf. And your days are numbered.

That would probably be the slogan for Nerf’s new fully automatic machine gun that fires at 68 miles per hour but I’m sure they don’t want to scare parents TOO badly. However it doesn’t make this gun be any less intense. It was revealed recently at the 2016 Toy Fair and looks pretty amazing, especially if you like toys that could leave a bruise.

The “toy’s” name is Chaos, the newest in Nerf’s “Rival” line, and it packs a 40 ball clip, operated via conveyor belt for anyone who wants to be introduced to it.

Say hello to my little balls.

After witnessing this guy test the gun out in Nerf’s firing range (can we just pause for a moment and take in the phrase “Nerf’s firing range”) it does look like a lot of fun. However it makes me wonder when Nerf stopped making toys for kids and more toys for adults. Granted, adults are the ones with the money so one can’t blame them. Especially for creating a toy that speaks to most Americans.

However, I wouldn’t want to be neighbors with a guy that loved playing with his Nerf Chaos with his kids in the yard because it might eventually take out my windshield. Regardless, if you do want one of these bad boys, and why wouldn’t you, they’re gonna cost you $70 and will be released for purchase this fall.