Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 Bag Of Equipment Taken To Moon Found In Closet

You might have a box of stuff from an old job stashed away in your closet. For few people is that stash of old work related items as of historical importance as that of Neil Armstrong, the late astronaut who will be celebrated for eternity as the first man on the moon.

Commander Armstrong’s widow found a white “purse” of Apollo 11 items in her husband’s closet after he passed away in 2012. Known as the McDivitt Purse, it was quickly identified after Mrs. Armstrong contacted the National Air and Space Museum to find out exactly what it was. She donated the items to the museum whose curators worked to identify and preserve them so they can go on display for the public.  

Sadly the McDivitt Purse is not a fun new bag of cheese covered French-fries from McDonalds.  Here is Neil Armstrong with the “purse” on his way to the moon.

The McDivit purse along with these items actually went to the moon’s surface with Armstrong aboard the Eagle Lunar Module.  The white cloth bag included some tools, a tether and the 16mm camera that recorded his What’s great is that Armstrong and the other astronauts were not supposed to bring any  unneeded equipment back from the moon with them, due to weight restrictions. He would have to account for added weight to plan their flight trajectory and reentry to the Earth. It would be the equivalent of turning on his cell phone during an airplane flight.

Check out the items below:

1. Apollo 11 Temporary Stowage Bag AKA The McDivitt Purse

2. All Of The Items Found In The McDivitt Purse In Armstrong’s Closet

3. Cap From The Eagles Urine Collection System

4. Crewmen Optical Alignment Sight Used To Dock Spacecraft

5. Waist Tether Used By Neil Armstrong To Suspend His Legs During The Rest Period Inside The Lunar Module

6. 16mm Data Acquisition Camera

Source: Popular Science

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