17 Of The Loveliest Necklaces You Have Ever Seen

1. A nice black droplet number.

2. A neat Native American style necklace.

3. Looks like a fun science project.

4. We do like dogs!

5. Some necklaces go pretty darn low.

6. A heart is one of the more classic designs.

7. Is it a star or a circle? It's both!

8. Did you know string could be used as a necklace?

9. Some necklaces could even be worn during physical fitness.

10. Silver goes well with any color.

11. Grapes and flowers? Why not!

12. Lockets are also very traditional.

13. The minimal styles are very 2015.

14. I'm not sure what this is, but it's great.

15. The larger the design is our favorite way to go.

16. Having two necklaces is also something people enjoy.

17. And, of course, a necklace can just be a nice chain.

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