Nebraska School Board Votes To Let Students Pose For Yearbook Photos With Guns

Behind the camera stands a nervous photographer who is trying to remain very aware of his use of the word “shoot.”

America is experiencing an education crisis. Test scores are dwindling as other nations have found more efficient ways to educate their students. Legislators are cutting funding left and right. Students are competing to stay on the same educational level as a bag of dead mice. So it’s time to focus our attention on something that’s truly important: guns in yearbook photos.

A school district in Central Nebraska carved out a big chunk of time from their agenda to address the issue of allowing students to pose with guns in their yearbook portraits. They finally put an end to the issue at their most recent meeting by voting 6-0 to allow students to have guns in their photos. We’re assuming the final vote would have been a lot closer if someone of the board members had guns on them, as well.

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Laser cats are the true danger to society’s well being.

Of course, guns aren’t the only controversial issue when it comes to yearbook photos. Last year, a teen mother wanted to pose in her yearbook photo with her newborn baby and the school removed the photo before it went to press. Another student had to put up a fight with his school to have his picture included in the yearbook that featured him holding his beloved pet cat in front of a field of lasers. The only way his yearbook photo could be more awesome is if he somehow could make a cat that shoots lasers. (Source)