Ever Seen A Nazi Gun Tower Filled With Sharks?

The Nazi’s had a hell of a lot of infrastructure during their short reign, and all that crap has lasted years to serve as a morbid reminder of how low humanity can sink.  Many things have been torn down or replaced, but what about the few small things that can’t be gotten rid of?  What do we do with that?

If you’re an Austrian city planner who may be a part time supervillain, you take a look at your Nazi-era flak tower that can’t be knocked down and you start thinking outside the box.  Then you fill the damn thing with sharks.

The 170 foot tall towers were the last line of defense for the Nazi’s against Allied Forces.  The machine guns were removed long ago, but the massive concrete structures have proven too tough to get rid of since they were built to hold their ground against advancing forces on land and in the air.  So the tower in Mariahilferstrasse has been converted into a fun attraction including a 150,000 liter shark tank full of hammerheads.  Take that, Nazis.


Elsewhere in the tower there is a crocodile pool and a restaurant as well as numerous other aquariums and a zoo.  You can pop your head into ceiling mounted dive helmets and see fish up close, or check out blind cave fish and other weird little critters that help to educate and entertain, a stark contrast to why this awful thing was built in the first place. 

The tower gets about 570,000 visitors per year and so far not a single shark has been outfitted with a laser.  Maybe some day…