This Vine “Star” Just P*ssed Off Millions Of People With A Six Second Video

“If Nash Grier were a TV star, he’d be fired. What happens when a big Vine star makes a homophobic video?” – Andrew Wallenstein

If you’ve never heard of the name Nash Grier, you’re not alone. I had no idea who he was either until hearing some recent news about how this snotty little 16-year-old kid decided to make a cute joke about homosexuals needing to get tested for HIV. Oh, and then he yells “FAG!” at the end. I’m sure his parents, whom he clearly lives with, were just delighted to hear their son screaming at the top of their lungs in the other room.

Nash had actually deleted this video, but Tyler Oakley, another youtube “star” (really can’t stand that term) had discovered it before it disappeared. See, Tyler Oakley is an openly gay social media “celebrity” and just like Nash, he has millions of followers as well. Tyler posted this video on his twitter and tumblr account, which then quickly blew up. Now Nash is getting the attention he was really hoping for with posting this hilarious Vine. Everyone wins!

Here’s Nash’s pimple-covered moment for his tween audience to enjoy.

This kids looks like a puppet.

To put it in perspective who this kid is and the amount of children he influences, he has 2.71 million Twitter followers, over 3 million youtube subscribers and over 8 million Vine followers.

Also, he has a website where you can get a classy hoodie that reads “Property of Nash Grier”. What a little turd.

So really his ignorance has a pretty wide audience. And like Bieber, his followers are maybe more forgiving than the general public. So the odds of this blowing over like nothing ever happened are pretty high. Until TMZ got ahold of the story this morning. Here is some of the fan mail he’s already receiving on twitter today.

Nash is taking the predictable steps and posted an apology earlier today, for which I’m sure he doesn’t understand why he should, but most of these internet “stars” have a team of people behind them believe it or not. So I have no doubt that he was urged him to say something somewhat humanizing, even if it’s through a tweet draft.

I think my favorite part is “I was young” because he posted the original video last April. If you make that sort of statement, especially when you think it’s clever or funny, any apology that comes after I think we can safely throw in the insincere bin. 

Regardless, I really hope this is the first and LAST time I hear of this kid. These Vine “celebrities” can make up to $10,000 for product placements in their videos, so my only hope is at least those golden opportunities have just left the building because anyone this dumb doesn’t deserve them.

And if you needed another reason to dislike the kid, he looks exactly like Miley Cyrus.

How do you feel about this whole mess? I’m sure some people think giving this kid more attention than he already has been given is a bad thing, but I say you made your bed, now lie in it.