NASA Wants To Build A Shotgun That Can Blast Asteroids Out Of The Sky

NASA has one of the coolest missions in the world: to build stuff that will help the world achieve the dream of space exploration and domination. That makes jobs like stripper casting agent and whiskey taste tester look like total wastes of time. Now, they’ve found a way to make going to space even more awesome by finally attempting to build some super, badass space weapons. 

The New York Post reported that NASA wants to build a shotgun that they can launch into outer space so they can blow up asteroids. If that sentence somehow involved Kate Upton driving the shotgun on a Harley into outer space, that would be the greatest sentence I’ve ever written in my entire life. 

NASA is working with a Brooklyn based company called Honeybee Robotics to develop and build the high powered gun and they are currently testing the gun’s power to see if it can produce a big enough boom to blow space rocks out of the oxygen-less sky. The shotgun isn’t to protect the Earth from asteroids or to finally make sure that Bruce Wills has zero job options when his movie career ends. It’s also for NASA’s Mars mission. 

In fact, it’s a key component for NASA’s plans to send people to Mars by giving them a way to collect asteroid samples. The gun blows apart chunks of the asteroid and sends them towards the Moon where they can be collected and brought back to Earth for further study. Then when they are done studying them, they’ll probably use them for target practice. What else would people from Houston and Huntsville, Alabama do with stuff they no longer need? 

Source: NY Post