This Apollo 10 Transcription About A Floating Turd Is Incredible

Just in time for the fourth of July! We may not know for sure if alien life exists for a while, but at least we have confirmation that floating turds happen every now and again. And the astronauts of Apollo 10 had to deal with just that issue in 1969. It’s unclear who the guilty party was but between Commander Thomas P. Stafford, Command module pilot John W. and Lunar module pilot Eugene A. Cerna, but regardless, they had nothing more important in that moment beyond capturing that turd.

(The Apollo 10 mission took place May 18th through May 26th, 1969.)

I think my favorite part is each of them denying that it was theirs. Hilarious.

I doubted the authenticity of this transcription, but themselves offer this transcription through their own site, so that’s about as authentic as it gets for me to believe it.  I guess when you’re stuck in space for eight days and not on the Starship Enterprise, toilets are going to clog up.

Aside from the poop, the mission was an overall success including the first live color TV transmissions three hours after launch. Listen, that was a big deal back then, take it easy. For the full Apollo 10 mission objectives, head to NASA’s site HERE.

Unfortunately the cameras did not capture the poop debacle in glorious color, but at least we have this amazing transcription to share with future generations.

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