NASA Says Curiosity Rover Found Evidence Of Liquid Water On Mars

While Mars is known to have frozen polar ice caps like those of Earth, for the first time NASA scientists are saying that The Red Planet may currently have liquid water just beneath its surface. Hopefully the Curiosity Rover doesn’t get stuck in the mud anytime soon.

Don't get stuck in the mud! Triple A is 140,000,000 miles away!

The Rover has made a profound discovery; when temperatures go down at night water from the atmosphere turns to frost beneath the surface. It can then be absorbed into upper layers of the surface soil allowing it to liquefy before evaporating again when temperatures go back up in the morning. This has big implications for future Astronauts visiting Mars who could potentially collect the subsurface moisture. Time for some douchie Mars branded bottled water!

This is what a puddle of water on Mars would look like in case you were wondering.

NASA’S Curiosity team found evidence of water through studying a type of salt that is necessary help melt the frozen water even in the sub-freezing temperatures of Mars. Essentially it’s like when the city salts the road in the winter time to lower the melting temperature of the ice and make everyone’s car gross and crusty.

Madsen, associate professor and head of the Mars Group at the Niels Bohr Institute, said in a statement:

When night falls, some of the water vapor in the atmosphere condenses on the planet surface as frost, but calcium perchlorate is very absorbent and it forms a brine with the water, so the freezing point is lowered and the frost can turn into a liquid.”

Looks refreshing.

Sadly, while NASA is excited that we might find aliens in the next ten years, it might not be on Mars. Although there could be liquid water, the extreme temperatures still make the planet too harsh for the presence of even microbial life forms. So while we might be able to make Martian slushies’, no Martian barbeque.

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Source:  Vox