NASA Emailed A Wrench To A Man In Space. You Read That Correctly.

Technology allows us to do so many things these days but the printer-bot revolutionary may just be the ultimate technological game changer. It lets us make all sorts of things that we normally could only get by shelling out money to some large corporation. It gives us the ability to design our own works of art. It makes lazy people even lazier by printing out their meals for them. Now we can even use them to fix stuff in space.

Commander Barry Wilmore needed a ratcheting socket wrench to fix something on the International Space Station but lo and behold, he forgot to pack one before he left. That happens to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on vacation to a Bed ’n Breakfast in Iowa or outer frickin’ space.

It would take months for NASA to send one to the ISS since the trip requires a billion dollar rocket launch. Fortunately, the ISS has a 3D printer on board constructed by a California company called Made in Space and they overheard the astronaut talking about needing this special wrench. So they designed one for him and emailed it to Wilmore. He printed out the design and was able to use it for repairs all around the ISS.

That basically means that they emailed this guy a wrench. This must mean that when 3D printing technology becomes more accessible, we’ll all be able to email stuff to each other. And since this is the Internet, the Fleshlight and vibrator industry might want to start preparing for a downturn in sales.

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source: Wired