NASA Once Again Teases Us With Evidence Of Life On Mars With Photo Of “Mouse”

The United States Government has long been accused of hiding the TRUTH about the existence of alien life forms. Well now you can add to the mounting bucket of evidence to these claims photographic proof of life on the planet Mars in the form of a mouse. Either that or Disney is opening up another airless, deserted theme park.

  • This week NASA released a new batch of photographs taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, currently rolling across the Gale Crater on the Red Planet:
  • The black and white pics snapped by the rover’s Navigational Cameras  reveal a barren, rocky surface.
  • Sharp eyed Internet users were quick to identify a feature of the photo that the NASA scientists missed; a frickin’ mouse, right there crawling across the surface of Mars.
  • Joe White, an “amateur astronomer” – if you count looking at photos provided by actual astronomers at NASA – posted a video as proof of Mars Mice:

That’s right, after decades of denying to the public that aliens exist the government and its brazen space agency NASA are releasing the proof of their existence right in our faces.  The proof is mounting, and it appears that Mars is teeming with life:

Break Question of The Day: Is this a mouse on the surface of Mars? Or is NASA just trying to distract us from the real alien presence here on Earth?

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Source: Fox 2 Now