NASA Announces Mission To Europa: Jupiter’s Moon That Might Have Life!

When I was a kid the Solar System had nine planets and “absolutely no chance” that we would ever find life in it. In the past decade that has all changed with more and more evidence piling up on potential candidates right here in our solar system that could support life as we know it. One of the leading places is Jupiter’s moon Europa.

The lines on the surface could be cracks in the ice’s surface or alien skid marks.

390 million miles from our planet, Europa has been a highly sought after target for exploration by scientists.

That’s because the moon, which is slightly smaller than our moon, is made up of a vast ocean beneath a layer of ice. This alien ocean is so big that some believe it has more than twice the water than all of the oceans of earth combined.

And where there is liquid water there is the potential for life! Just listen to how excited Neil deGrasse Tyson gets explaining the possible life that could be found there.

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That’s why many people, not just scientists are… over the moon… that NASA administrator Charles Bolden has finally announced plans to send a probe to Europa.

A budget of $30 million was approved by The White House to develop the mission further which should arrive at the icy moon sometime in the mid 2020’s.

So beneath this outer solid ice shell could be the answer to the age old question if we are alone in the universe; and It could come in the form of aquatic sea aliens.

Not an alien, or that’s what they want you to believe?

Do you think NASA will find life on Europa?


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